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Desk Setup #

Desk Setup

I’m really happy with the setup I have now. I think that it allows me to be productive and to work in a comfortable way. This last point is really important for me since I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Here’s a list of the things I have on my desk:

Hardware #

  • MacBook Pro 13" (2020) - M1 Processor - 16GB RAM - Probably the best computer I’ve ever had. It’s fast, silent and the battery lasts forever. I’m really happy with it.
  • Apple Magic Trackpad
  • Logitech Mx Master 3S For Mac
  • Keychron K8
  • Apple Magic Keyboard
  • MacBook Pro 2016 15 with Touchbar" - Used as a server for hosting some services like Plex. The screen is broken but it’s still working fine if used as a server.

Software #

Other stuffs I use #

  • iPad 6th generation - 32GB - I use it mainly for reading and taking notes. I’m thinking about upgrading it in 2024 but I don’t use it enough to justify the expense.
  • iPhone 7 Plus - I’ve had it for a while and it’s still working fine. However, I think I’ll replace it when the new iPhone will come out in September.
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - Is my ebook reader, it is compact enough to
  • Apple Airpods Pro - The best earphones I’ve ever had. I use them for everything. They’re simply the best product Apple produced in years.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 - I use it mainly for logging my runs and for notifications. I think I would live without it.