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Luca Corbucci

My talk at Pycon IT šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹ 2022

·1 min

On Saturday, June 4th I was a speaker at Pycon Italy 2022 in Florence. It was my first ever in-presence talk after two years of online events and presentations made in front of a screen. I can’t find the words to express all my joy and the emotions I felt before, during and after the talk, it was just amazing. I’m so grateful to the organizers that allowed me to be there.


I gave a talk about Streamlit, in particular, I introduced Streamlit and I explained how can it be used to develop simple user interfaces to report, for example, the results of a project.

The slides of my talk are available here (the English version is available here). I published the code of the demo I prepared for the talk on my Github account. Unfortunately, we had some problems before the talk and I had to change the computer so I was not able to do the demo.

See you next year!