Summer Holidays 2019

Discovering Sicily

I started my bachelor degree in 2014 and I moved to Pisa to attend the lectures at the University, here I met some Sicilian people and for 5 years they invited me to go in Sicily to see the beautiful sea and to visit all the beautiful places of this island. I never listened to them until the last winter when I organized my first trip to Sicily and I went to Giarratana, a little village near Ragusa.

I loved the places that I visited and I also loved the sea even if it was Febraury and it was too cold to go on the beach to swim and have fun.

After this first trip I decided to organize another trip, this time i changed my destination and I decided to go to “San Vito Lo Capo” a beautiful and famous touristic location in the west of the Sicily.

I arrived in Sicily on the 14th of August and I stayed there for one week, during these days I visited a lot of places and I ate a lot of delicious typical food.

My trip started with a visit to some beaches near San Vito, in Italy they are called “Calette”, we rented a scooter and we went to these beaches. During the entire day the sea was rough but we appreciated the landscape and the contrast between the sea that and the mountains.


I shot the previous photo during the first day and I think that it is one of the best photo that I have ever taken with my iPhone. As you can see there are a lot of rocks on the beach and it was really funny to walk over it, from this picture you can also see the contrast between sea and mountains.



The excursion to the “Riserva dello zingaro” was the one that i enjoyed most, we took a boat and we visited some caves. It was amazing, I was really excited especially when we saw some dolphins in the sea, it was an unforgettable experience.

We have done another excursion by boat to “Favignana” and “Levanzo”, i liked it especially the “Levanzo” island that is smaller than “Favignana” but is really nice to visit.


As I said during the days that i passed in Sicily I ate a lot of typical foods. I loved the “Arancino” and I ate one of it almost every day. The Arancino is a typical sicilian food that is prepared with rice and sauce with meat then it is fried. IMG_4511.jpeg

I also ate some foods that i usually don’t eat like raw fish or also cous cous.

After one week I left Sicily but I promised that I’ll go back as soon as I can to visit not only the sea but also the mountainous part and some other cities (and also to eat some others Arancini and Cannoli :D).

Luca Corbucci
Luca Corbucci
Computer Science Student

My name is Luca Corbucci, I was born on 12th August 1995 in Viterbo. I’m currently enrolled in the Master Degree in Computer Science at the University of Pisa.